Sunday, October 16, 2011

pre-requisites for creating success in life

I'm refreshing my coaching mind (with Coachville) and have been thinking  v.much about what makes a great coach and what coaches do that help people get to the moves that they want - coaches are not about maintaining the just OK status quo, they are about co-creating easy opportunities for positive changes as each unique individual/coachee/ player/ client sees it.

Then I found in my email a reminder to listen to a talk by Brian Tracy. It said:

"Brian [Tracy] has discovered two things about successful people: 
1) they know more things than others about their craft and 
2) they think in a different way than average people."

This pretty much sums up what  coaching toward success is all about - coaches help  people think different about themselves and their actions so they can jump into that success.

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