Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Peter Bensen talking about "spark"

Peter Bensen talking about spark in relation to US kids (there's 80 million of them).

A spark is the arena in which a person identifies that they are being their best self.
A spark is not necessarily the same thing as the work you do - it's a life orientation, it's what nurtures your heart.

1. skill or talent - e.g. music, art, writing, dance, studying, athletics, creative life
2. commitment - e.g stewardship to earth, social justice
3. quality - e.g. that's what I do, what I'm known for

Spark + Opportunity + Champions = positive human thriving.

80% will have a strong spark known to them when a trusting adult witnesses it with them.
Ideally home, school and community witnessing the spark will bring out the best person in the child.

How do we find the spark with adults who've lost their spark?

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